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   Time Ministries Church is a testimony to the grace of God. Along the way we have had times of uncertainty, but the Lord has faithfully guided, answered prayer, and sustained us every step of the way.  


   In December 2003 the Lord directed Pastor Dan and Pearlyn Stultz into the ministry. At that time they travelled cross-country and on many trips to the Philippines. These trips were characterized by an urgency to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. This was only the beginning of what was to come.  


   They were certain these evangelistic trips would be their ministry for the rest of their lives. However, in December of 2011, a group of people approached them with a hunger for the Lord and asked them to do something they had never considered—start a church. While they prayed and sought the Lord’s will they met in homes for Bible studies. The group quickly outgrew the homes. 

   Around that time, Pastor Dan and Pearlyn were visiting a friend in the Snake Spring area. On the way home they passed the Snake Spring Valley Christian Academy—a great place for a small church to meet. It seemed like a simple passing thought in Pearlyn’s mind, and she didn’t mention it to anyone. That night, Kerri Sarver approached the Stultzes and offered to ask the SSVCA board for permission to use that very school! After much prayer, five days later the news came—the school board had granted permission! Many people had asked the Lord for an open or closed door and He had answered clearly.  



   Sunday, January 29, 2012 was the first official church service for the small congregation with an attendance of 34. However, that morning five people professed faith or recommitment to the Lord. Some of the fruit of that morning are the church’s  precious leaders today.  


   February 21 at the Apple Bin Restaurant, 20 adults and 2 children attended the church’s first ministry team meeting. At that time they discussed the idea of using the Clark Building. It seemed like only a far-fetched dream at that time. It was far beyond what the church could afford, but it was a desire nonetheless. They were trusting the Lord and made a phone call to Clifton Clark.  


   Later in April, Pastor Dan and Pearlyn made another phone call to Mr. Clark who agreed to allow them to see the building. One month later the team did just that. The building was perfect. It appeared to be designed for the congregation, a perfect place for a church to meet, and tailor-made just for them. Many prayers and negotiations later they signed the lease for the new building. Praise the Lord! 

   On July 15, 2012 Time Ministries Church met for their very first Sunday service at the current building. There were 56 people present.  


   Even the name of the church was from the Lord. Pastor Dan and Pearlyn’s original evangelistic ministry was called Time Ministries. There was some discussion about this name—Time Ministry (singular) was also considered and seemed to some to be a more fitting name. However, initially Pastor Stultz felt that someday the Lord might grow this ministry into many ministries—those of evangelism, a missions department, or even a school.


   Nearly three years passed; three years of watching a growing congregation and service for the Lord.  On February 20, 2015, the church was blessed by God with the privilege of purchasing the property.  What was once a dream had become reality because of the grace of God.  In keeping with the church’s vision, this property is dedicated to the Lord for the furtherance of His kingdom and for His glory!


   Time Ministries Church continues to trust the Lord for guidance in the future. All glory be to God for the things He has done. 

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